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Summer menu



Our mission at Leaf & Grain is simple. People are starting to realize the benefits of healthy eating, but the problem is, most healthy options today are not very satisfying (or tasty).

There's no reason for you to have to make a compromise. Food can taste good and fill you up and still be really good for you. At Leaf & Grain, we offer food that is both good for you and also satisfying—it doesn’t make our menu if it doesn’t meet that second standard.

We want to make it easier for people to put the right things in their body, without feeling like they’re having to make a sacrifice. That's our mission.

Hope you like it.


Leaf & Grain Hours and Location

Location                                Hours

**FOURTH** FLOOR                     Mon-Fri: 11:00a–3:00p
1200 McKinney St                       Sat-Sun: closed
Houston, TX 77010